Gliding Frog is a travel and photography company that was established in January 2020. We cater to wildlife and nature enthusiasts who wish to know, understand, observe and capture anything under the purview of wildlife anywhere in the world.


We aim to offer people the kind of wildlife experience that is not just wildlife centric but also unique and you-centric. With us, you can traverse the African subcontinent by visiting the spectacular savannas and grasslands of Kenya or immerse yourself in the rich endemic biodiversity of Ethiopia or Madagascar.

We will take you to the far east of Russia to take in the magnificence of the Kamchatka Brown Bears or the Amazonian forests of South America to catch a glimpse of their apex predator, the Jaguar.

We also conduct tours to Central America, to the best birding destination in the world, Costa Rica. Join us in Asia as we head various tours across the Indian sub-continent known to be home to the richest biodiversity in the world or even to the island nation of Borneo as we look for the exotic animals it is home to. With us, you can travel anywhere across the continents and have your wildest vacation dreams come true!


Sachin Rai has worked in the wildlife tourism and photography industry for over a decade and a half, and his vision for Gliding Frog does not just cover the quintessential aspects of wildlife tourism but also aims to cover facets of conscious, conscientious and mindful ways of travel and interactions with nature and wildlife.

Having led over 300 tours and mentored over 3000 people across the globe, his staggering experience and acute business acumen in his profession are what led to the inception of Gliding Frog.

His passion for natures smallest wonders such as frogs, which is where the company derived its name from, has not only cemented his belief that beauty lies even underfoot but has also given him a keen eye for detail in all that he undertakes. With him at the helm, Gliding Frog aims to provide its clients with the type of mindful travel experience where they are nature and wildlife’s keen and respectful observers and conservators.

With us, you will not only have the trip of a lifetime but will also come away being more knowledgeable and conscious of the destination, its wildlife, the people and culture of the place and how to better help conserve it all.  

 To know more about Sachin Rai, visit him SachinRai.com

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