Boophis viridis

Boophis virids is an absolutely beautiful species of frog in the family Mantellidae & endemic to Madagascar. This is probably one of the common species in the rain forests of Madagascar.

Mantella baroni

One of the most striking poison frogs in Madagascar, the Mantella baroni is a tiny frog found on forest floors amongst leaf litters and rotten logs. They have a shrill call and it is relatively easy to spot them because they are active during the day too.

Boophis pyrrhus

Boophis pyrrhus looks very similar to the B. viridis but has spectacular eyes. Almost the same size and found in similar habitats like the B. viridis, it is esasy to confuse this frog to B. virids. Needless to say, these are also endemic to Madagascar.

Boophis madagascariensis

Boophis madagascariensis is a robust looking frog and the females can be really large. Has far more prominent webbings on the foot than the other smaller Boophis species. The blunt nose is one of the easiest ways to identify this species. 

Heterixalus madagascariensis

The Heterixalus madagascariensis is also called the blue back reed frog. These are found closer to water bodies and even on magroves. They lay flat under leaves during the day and become extremely pale. Once handled or when they are active in the night, is when you can see the beautiful blue and yellow on their bodies

Spinomantis aglavei

Spinomantis aglavei is one of the spectacular looking frogs in the large island of Madagascar. The mossy back and spiked legs help them camouflage and they can disappear when they go flat on mossy tree barks.  

Boophis fayi

Boophis fayi is probably the most difficult to spot species in the forests of Madagascar. One of the smaller Boophis species, these frogs sport beautiful patterns on the sides of their belly and face.

Scaphiophryne marmorata

The beautiful Scaphiophryne marmorata is also aptly called the Marbled rain frog or the Green burrowing frog. These frogs can be found on tree hollows, forest floors, tree trunks or almost anywhere in the rainforests of Madagascar.

Boophis albilabris

Also called the White lipped bright eyed frog, the easiest way to identify this frog is by the broad white line on the upper lip. The females of this species can be quite large and are commonly seen in many parts of the Island. 

Mantidactylus femoralis

One of the complex families, the Mantidactylus femoralis sports a very sharp feature and can jump really long distances. They can be found on leaf litters, small plants and groves of large leaves close to water bodies.  

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